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Magifest is a space for empowering content, useful knowledge and powerful coaching. is dedicated to providing a supportive community, knowledge and inspiration for you wherever you are in your journey. Our blogs articles feature a wide variety of self-help topics and delve into spirituality and healthy living. Music provided by artist and founder Mira Raven is composed for healing and shifting the paradigm of the music industry. Mira Raven is a powerful artist and teacher who wants to help you magifest your best life through music, knowledge and wisdom.

Never felt like you fit in?
There’s a space for you here. 

Trying to find space to heal?
Magifest will make room for you. 

Deep down we all struggle with confidence.
It’s okay, we’re in this together. 

Feel like no one understands? We over-stand.


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Magifest is the space to manifest your golden life.

Magifest is a space for creators of all sorts to become alchemist turning poison to medcine, experience to story, art into conversation.

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