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Flowers & Trees (Official Music Video)- Mira Raven
Mira Raven

Flowers & Trees (Official Music Video)- Mira Raven

Healthy Pop: Music That's Good For You

Mira Raven Logo

My main objective as an artist is to empower you to live your best life. I've seen so many artist go the hedonistic route, and I've always wanted to find the a way to make music that sounds good, feels good and is good for you.

Support Me & I Support You! Just $5/per month

As DIY muscian, I have to work harder and do a lot of production and marketing on my own. If you believe in revolutionizing the music industry, it's time to support DIY muscians. When you support muscians like me you are voting with your dollars and sending a message to big music and record label giants who exploit artists. Your support will allow me to make my music better quality and better for you soul. My mission is to help you be your best through music!

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