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People of the brightness of the sun

He said he saw me as "colored"

I said I am the color of the light in the sun.

I am a people of the color of the brightness of the sun.

All colors, all light.

The flesh on my bones

absorbs it's goodness. I accept it's energy

the sun embraces me

every-time I greet his rays.

We people of the color of the sun.

Sun-soaked gods and goddesses

We are protected by the divine,

even in moments of quiet curiosity

and inward depths.

In unknown dimensions

we are still held in the palm

of the divine.

Children of the sun

of beauty

of light

the color reflects sun information

cosmic vibration that is absorbed

by us people

the people with the warmth of the sun.

Earthy eyes rich with mystery. They tell no lies--

People of the colorful sun

we speak in pure

Harmony as one.

#sun #peopleofcolor #peopleofthesun #sunpeople #brightness

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