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Intuitive Action: What It Is and How to Utilize It

During this time it's become normal to isolate ourselves in our houses, and let fear drive the bus. However, when fear controls us we can almost never really feel safe and confident. Therefor, we will likely end up spending most of our time attending to the demands of our fear... this is a time to listen closely to your intuition. If something doesn't feel right--if it doesn't add up to you...there is a reason for that! Despite the fact that most people are living in fear and caution I have actually done the opposite. I've embraced this time as a time to focus on what my body, mind and spirit have to share. There is a beautiful world of conscious awareness that lives just above our fear. When I find that place, I remember all that I can do--all that is available to me. The world hasn't stopped completely, but the world as we know it has. Just remember, our world is not the only plane of conscious existence. We know very little of the animal, plant or fungi experience. I have a family of birds outside my apartment. I find myself crossing paths with them often. I always wonder what they're up to and what their "normal is". The plant and animal world are both so fascinating and highly sophisticated. Yet, we act as is nature is the green-screen backdrop of our own egotistical existence. This is not too say that everyone is arrogant...but I do feel that as humans we tend to have a lack of awareness of the magical world of nature. Especially with the upsurge of technological advances. We are falling apart it seems, but the natural world looks beautiful; nature is still going on doing business as usual because nature and animals work symbiotically.

Don't wait for life, life waits for you. Life is our conscious reality. We are the ones with awareness. We are a conscious body of awareness but we still must take action in our individual sphere to works towards our goals. There is a time and place to wait, and that is just as valid as the intuition to wait is an act within itself. The choice to be quiet and stand still can also be a conscious choice. We all want to move at the right moment. We know the difference between self-sabotage and conscious action...or do we? I believe deep down we know when it's time to hold 'em and when it's time to fold 'em, we actually do know when to walk away and when to run...we do! The trouble is we find ourselves thinking that we need to wait a little longer when things are safe to move forward. What if we weren't so obsessed with safety? I mean seriously, let's be honest about the fact that we're all going to die. Not an enlightening feeling is it? Truth is, in a way it can be...what? I've lost you.. huh?

Think of of it this way: When we stop worrying about being "safe" all the time we take risks. Now don't get me wrong, don't mistake this advice for general safety. You still should listen to your instincts. In fact, you should listen to them more and take them seriously. However, there are times (I think we've all been there) when it's OK to take a risk. For instance, when the things we fear are not true death, but social death, rejection, mild conflict and disagreement; those fears are valid but they shouldn't handicap our ability to be and express our true selves. There are things which our ego can barely withstand. Is ego death survivable? Anyone who's tripped acid will tell you it's actually pretty transformational. Ego death can be accomplished through spiritual practices as well. The best part of being detached from our ego temporarily is that we can find solutions and have perspectives that can allow us to move forward in our practice. There is a place of quietness we can find once the ego has taken a vacation. Sometimes when I'm sitting in meditation I imagine saying bon voyage to the devilish thing. We have some great times together but my heart always hums a sigh of relief when my ego is away. Once my ego has gone away for some "me" time, it's ready to settle back in and get back to work cooperating with my soul, mind and heart. We all need a little break...your ego is no different. When your ego is pressing your nerves, or standing in your path to happiness, be present enough to notice it. Once you do you can send your ego on all inclusive vacation to let it unwind. Then you can spend some quality time with your heart and soul.

Intuitive action is about giving yourself the space to make decisions that align with your true desires. Your ego has it's own does your heart. One is there to protect you. The other is there to fulfill your soul's desires. It's up to you to discern what to listen to, what to prioritize, and what to act on. There is no sense to live your life so defensively--so afraid that you don't do what you love. So frozen that you don't do the things you feel you should do. Don't let society make decisions for you, don't let the news make decisions for you. Ask questions and don't settle on one perspective. Stay curious and awake. There is no sense to live your live saying "I can't because it doesn't fit into the box society has built for you"... Take care to listen to the quiet music of your heart.

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