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This Is The Matrix: Will You Take The Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

In the 1999 popular movie the Matrix, the protagonist Neo must discern between truth and delusion. The matrix provides an entire world of existence that ignores true reality. Neo like us, has a decision to make and while the forces surrounding him are powerful, his own sense of self and grounded intuition guides him to the truth. We are at a moment in time right now were this reality has manifested. We are faced each day with both "red pill" material and "blue pill" material. The red pill represents truths that may not always be the most pleasant but are just that, the truth. The blue pill represents ignorant bliss, denial and compliance. Like Neo, each day we have the choice to question the information that is throw at us or to just accept it all as truth.

There are many of us who accept mainstream narratives without even questioning the source, the reasons or even the agendas behind these narratives. This is pure blue pill behavior and can have grave consequences. The kind of world we live in now demands a lot of our time and attention. Just take a second to think about how many hours of ads and how much energy you've spent taking in propaganda. Television, is a form of programming. Pop music is a form of programming. Hollywood is a form of programming. All culture is. How do I feel so confident in this belief about propaganda? I've always been interested in the "man behind the curtain" or the people behind the smoke of mirrors. Maybe it's my Scorpio sun, but I can't help but find the dirty truth. I truly believe those who are unafraid of the truth will seek it. I studied propaganda and became very interested in psychology and sociology years ago. I started reading about classic psychology theories like group think, and sociology which eventually led me to social engineering.

What is Social Engineering and Why We Need To Be Concerned in 2020

Here is the official dictionary definition of the word.

social engineering

  • n. The practical application of sociological principles to particular social problems.

  • n. Use of numerical data to inform social programs.

  • n. Use of propaganda by a government to sway perceptions and attitudes of its own citizenry

Social Engineering has been used for several decades in order to maintain social control over the masses. Just like an engineer that builds software, machinery or bridges, a social engineer (in the context of social sciences) creates and builds the culture seeking to influence the collective conscious' beliefs. This is done through control of the mainstream narrative and creating a work-life structure which fragments our experience. By fragmenting our experiences and connections to others, this taints our perception of ourselves, others and distracts us from integrating our experiences. When we cannot connect the dots, the information we take in becomes useless. For example most of us learned dozens of facts in school but we often do not understand how these facts come together to explain our world. That's where we misunderstand conspiracy theories. Usually, a conspiracy theory is created to connect and integrate intelligence about a situation or series of events, people, places, things etc. It's all connected and unfortunately we are not encouraged to make these kinds of connections for they would go against the nature of the creeping totalitarianism and mass information and social control that seems to increase with each year.

During the industrial revolution, workers went from being tradesman and completing entire projects to have those steps broken down and fragmented into menial tasks which we now refer to as the factory assembly line. This system benefited corporate elites and people at the top of the company because, by micromanaging the work that a shoe maker could do for example, the elites made more money. This put the common worker in a state of dependence on the company rather than a state of self reliance and autonomy. It it also widely recognized that the CIA and military had and currently still does conduct mind control operations. These operations were conducted amidst the 60s counter-culture movement. College students and other innocent subjects were given LSD without any real knowledge or consent. Behavioral scientists such as Edward Barneys, John Watson and Ivan Pavlov paved the way for much of the social engineering tactics that are used today. They were focused on how to shape humans and organisms. John Watson experimented with babies and is known for saying:

"Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select — doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors.”.

Watson is of course alluding to behaviorism and his beliefs that we could condition and therefor control human behavior. Edward Bernays is the author of the book Propaganda which has become a bible for marketers and advertising over the years. Here are some of his quotes from the book. As you read thru it's pretty clear what Mr. Bernays believes.

So, Who Controls the Narrative?

By observing these statements we can start to understand the ideology from which much of our companies and organizations (even those which we've trusted for years) have operated from. If you are interested in the history of social engineering please see the documentary link below.

Human Resources- Social Engineering in The 29th Century

Understanding the history of social engineering can help us make sense of our "Brave New World". Much like the book by George Orwell 1984 we are watched by big brother aka the NSA. We have advertising that follows us around where ever we go. The internet has created a playpen from which the elites can watch us, amusingly from the safety of their own exalted mountaintops in society. For them we are but guinea pigs and rats if you will. Some people would claim that many Billionaire philanthropists such as bill gates really "care about us" because they put millions of money into vaccines and have multi-billion dollar foundations. However, shouldn't we be questioning why ineffective vaccines are the ONLY thing that are coming out of those billions of dollars? Isn't it strange that Bill Gates also supports and funds big oil operations in the same African cities he's claims to "save with vaccines"?

For more on Bill Gates check out this video and there will be even more sources at the end of the post so check those out too!

Who is Bill Gates- An Independently produced documentary

Plandemic II: Indoctornation

This brings me to powerful documentary that I highly recommend especially if you are new to the idea of propaganda. Even if you aren't, this film does an amazing job of really capturing the essence of the the corruption we are subjected to via the current recent events. I'm sharing this information because I have been paying attention to the direction of politics, policy and social manipulation through social media for awhile now and I can no long stay silent about it. All I ask is that you watch the documentary and open your mind to the idea that unfortunately when humans are given a certain amount of power, that power becomes imbalanced and with that imbalance of power, there are bound to be issues. Just like when we are sick this is usually due to some kind of imbalance in our own energy systems and our immune system. The cultural caste system we've created is designed to distract us from what's really going on behind the scenes. Plandemic II: Indoctornation is the sequel to the first movie Plandemic which was a interview with Dr. Judy Mikovitz and the filmmaker Mikki Willis. Again, before you make any judgements on these people, please take the time to hear what they have to say. The more you actually listen to the original source of information rather than the slant that is put on them by outside media sources (usual part of a social or political agenda) the more you realize and can feel that they are telling their truth and I never felt that there were any malevolent intentions of "spreading misinformation" in fact, this documentary is better than any mainstream information I've read or watched since the pandemic started. What I like best about Plandemic II is:

  1. The interviews include insiders and people who actually work within relevant fields that can verify and stabilize the perspective the movie takes.

  2. The movie focuses on exposing propaganda rather than ranting or arguing about trivial and irrelevant arguments like the mask debate or social distancing. It doesn't claim anything in the documentary that isn't true. It doesn't try to explain everything, it gives you the breadcrumbs you need to find your way to the truth if you want to but doesn't force a particular narrative.

  3. My favorite part is the rabbit hole which is big collection of the sources, data and research supporting the claims in the film.

Mikki Willis the creator did an interview recently with Brian Rose, and it was really nice to see the man behind the film. You can tell where he is coming from with this interview and understand his motivations for exposing this corruption of the great human social experiment. You can find his interview here at this link .

I tried to embed the full documentary, but Wix only allows live streamed links from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. Unfortunately, these sites have blocked the documentaries, likely because they expose silicon valley and bring to light a narrative that doesn't fit their agenda. Censoring other's opinions and criticisms is a proponent of authoritarian regimes. So while they say it's misinformation, the only one's who are misinformed are the masses that eat the toxic cake of CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream media/social media companies. I will include some shorter clips here but please watch the entire film via the link below these videos.

The Birth of Big Pharma

How Google and Silicon Valley Control the Narrative

Should We Trust the "Fact Checkers"?

Give this film 75 mins of your time and I promise you be glad by the awakening it will provoke in you. We are the future. What we decide today paves the way for tomorrow. If you find this documentary powerful, share it with others so we can all move up to another level of conscious and weaken the power of the elite's stranglehold. They have already coerced us into fear, confusion, the destruction of the family unit, the destruction of our communities, the manipulation of marginalized groups for political gain....this list goes on, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is US! The more we listen to our bodies, do our own research, ask questions and seek universal truth rather than subjective ones, the stronger WE the people become as a unit. We must realize that we are in charge, this is our reality and our world it's not the governments responsibility, it's OURS. It is up to us now to make this world just and safe and beautiful again.

A Few Questions for A Healthy Brain and Reality Check

Does the mainstream media, allow us to make our own conclusions or does it superimpose the agenda of it's financiers?

Could Co-vid 19 be part of a larger agenda to sway public towards a one-world government?

Why are google and other tech companies censoring information like this, and what do you think they have to gain by the pandemic?

Why do we trust the mainstream narrative over that of common people? What about the millions of children overseas and domestically who have been fighting in corrupt vaccine courts because they had serious adverse effects from vaccines?

Why are we more likely to hate each other then hate the real enemy which is driving us to hate each other?

Is Black Lives Matter, actually helping Black Lives when it's investors fuel and encourage violent riots and psychological destabilization techniques used in authoritarian and communist regimes to divide and conquer?

Do you trust your body to tell you when your sick? Can you think of any disease or virus that has no symptoms at all?

Is it possible that psychopaths could be running our government and other high-profile operations? Can psychopaths become billionaires?

Do these billionaires and deep state actors truly care about us the American people? Why should they or would they? Could they possibly be trying make it look like they care so that we continue to support the companies and products they invest in?

Can you imagine getting to a point of amassing so much wealth that you can play god? Do you think that these people are operating from the same mindset as you or I are?

Could this combination of wealth and power be the perfect storm for corruption, greed and crimes against humanity?

You decide, I'm just hear to ask the questions. If you want to continue researching check out the rabbit hole.

Download PDF • 408KB

This is an exhaustive list of videos, articles, studies and information supporting the information in Plandemic II: Indoctornation. If you are skeptical of anything I've presented today, I encourage you to take the time to see for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

These questions only scratch the surface of the bigger picture at large in this modern-day Orwellian nightmare. To really understand who the real criminals are we need to understand the people who actually control our "group think", we need to understand the leaders of the invisible government which Bernays speaks about. This is where things get to a whole other level. If you are curious about these leaders stay tuned for my next post where I'll go even deeper into the findings of secret meetings and shadow government. Remember that conspiracies=connected dots. There are many of reputable and credible doctors, scientists, bankers, whistle bowlers and regular people who smell something fishy about this. Before you cuss them out, discredit them or block them, I think everyone deserves to be heard. We all have the right to bring out observations and ideas to light. We all should welcome each other's debate and criticism because it is that criticism which can lead us to an ultimate truth. It is the hashing out of the arguments, the facts, and the factors which validates our beliefs. If you just accept what I tell you that's not good for either of us. If you challenge my argument I have a better chance of understanding for myself the strength and validity of my argument. Therefor, I fully embrace and enjoy debate especially when all parties involved come in ready for a clean educated and informed discussion. So take your time digesting and processing this information. It's not meant to be taken in one big bite. Stay free, stay up and and stay curious ya'll.

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