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2019 Magifest-Let's Make it Happen!

I'm excited to announce the launching of a year-long series of content devoted to the "Magifestation" of your dreams!

What is "Magifestation" You won't find it in any dictionary but you will find it if you follow my lead! I create the word "Magifestation" by combining the words "magic" and "manifestation". I've always been interested in motivating others and find myself with a lot to say! Magifestation was the best way for me to put my talents and skills to good use. Magifestation is all about manifesting your goals and making your own magic by creating and taking control of your life! This is the greatest gift you can receive, to manifest the life you've wanted and I want to help you do that. How will Magifestation work ?

For the next year I will be dedicated to your success! You can count on me to provide you with daily inspiration, weekly blogs and monthly podcast, I have planned out an entire year's worth of material to help you bring your dreams to center stage.

Where will content be available ? You can expect weekly blogs, on the topic of the month which will be posted on this website. I will also be creating a podcast monthly which will be available on my YouTube channel, if you haven't already go ahead and subscribe so that you won't miss a thing! I will be making myself available to you on almost all social platforms so you constantly have sources of inspiration! You can follow me on Instagram where I'll be posted special poems on the monthly topic. I'll also be doing a daily morning motivational talk on Periscope. I'll also be sharing and posting insightful articles through my Facebook page so you can look forward to lots of learning and valuable insights!

Why follow me or support me ?

I understand I'm not the first person to offer this content but I will say I'm one of the few people who is doing all this for no pay because I care more about social change and cultural peace then I do becoming a webinar millionaire. If you are following me and are finding my content to be helpful to you I've done my job. If you do feel that you'd like to show appreciation, I'm grateful for that and will accept support through my PayPal or Patreon. You can always support me by sharing my content with friends or subscribing to any of my social media channels! Thank-you! Thank you for trusting me, thank you for taking the time to read my words. I'm excited to start this year off with everyone and I'm looking forward to the beautiful magic we will manifest together!


Miranda Raven :)

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